Thank you again for the wonderful treatment you gave me!  Since last week I find I am not attached to things I have kept for many years and can part with them without any feeling whatsoever. I have been waiting for this opening for a long time and now it seems…easy…Thank you!

Anne 9.9.21

‘’I felt really safe …as I was on familiar ground. I was astonished at the altering of consciousness, to go to such deep, faraway spaces so quickly, just with sound. I felt very contained. The treatment woke up the energy … I felt the energy shifting in the affected area. I had not felt the energy …like this for a long time. It struck me that it was very powerful. I had not realised that sound could have such a profound effect on the physical body. I felt that the experience was amazing and wonderful. There was nothing I would have altered about this treatment, I felt it was perfect. It can really reach the places other treatments cannot reach.’’


‘’Energy started vibrating straight away, I was floating in deep relaxation but very aware, my senses were heightened and very open, the tuning forks were lovely. Singing to the heart, I was reminded of a ceremony of empowerment.’’ …‘’I  really’ let go’ when I heard the tuning forks, the energy felt like it was swooping -like angelic stroking.  It was incredibly relaxing and balancing. I liked the feeling of all the negativity being drawn out.’’

Feedback after a week.: ‘’The tuning forks were the most relaxing and helpful-encouraging deeper relaxed state. I’ve had ‘out of the blue’ ideas, and reactions,  I felt this to be a clearing /releasing reaction to the sound healing.


‘’I felt really safe, it felt primal. My heart and solar plexus felt really relaxed with lots of creative ideas coming up, wonderful. The tuning forks were really nice.

Longer Term feedback; I feel more perky, more energy, after a difficult day at work I bounce back more powerfully than usual.’’… ‘’It was really, really intense, it was beautiful and wonderful…at some point I really ‘went’, like when your meditating and ‘whoosh’, your there!.’’


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