Assemblage Point Realignment

Assemblage Point Realignment

This simple and profound 

treatment is fundamental to individual well-being.

Like a river, the human energy field is in constant flow. Blockages or misalignments of the flow slows it down, diverts it and can affect our health. 

Our energy flows cyclically around the physical body and re-enters it through a specific place at the front and center of the chest. This crucial spot is the called Assemblage Point. 

If the Assemble Point shifts out of alignment or splits, the energy flow is affected, meanwhile we may unknowingly struggle on for years.  Symptoms can include: illness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mania and feelings of constant struggle. 

Experiences that can misalign or split the Assemblage Point include; prolonged or sudden stress; accident, shock, violent assault, bullying, operation, emotional trauma, giving birth, prolonged illness, legal or illegal drug use.

The session uses crystals, sound and images to realign the Assemblage Point. 

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