The Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Diploma Course

The Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Diploma Course 2023

Held over five weekends within the period of one year. Completion gives participants the experiences, information, knowledge and tools to become a specialist Sacred Drumming Practitioner, able to offer Sacred Drum Healing Sessions. Information and wisdom from other cultures reinforces up-to-date scientific studies on the uses of the drum in sound healing. In many cultures the shamanic drum is still used to help heal individuals and hold the social fabric of communities together. Students are encouraged to develop through reading, study and dedicated practice, a deep and authentic understanding of themselves as a shamanic healer. Students begin making their own personal medicine drum and rattle.

Diploma Requirements: Participants must attend each Module, and complete the Coursework. Students need to join the College of Sound Healing as a Student Member, have insurance cover and a current first aid certificate. Students must also complete the additional Sound Healing Workshops. Coursework, including 36 case studies, accompanies each module, and must be completed for final certification.


  • Complete a 2000 word essay on the medicine wheel
  • Complete 36 case studies comprising:
  • 12 case studies on drum healing sitting or standing
  • 12 case studies on drum healing lying down
  • 3 case studies on trance drumming into the middle world of animals, plants and the spirit nature of the environment
  • 3 case studies on trance drumming into the lower world
  • 3 case studies on trance drumming into the upper world
  • 3 case studies on facilitating a drum group with 6 or more people
  • Complete a 2000 word dissertation on a subject of your choice related to Sacred Drum healing

The cost for the course is £1,000 plus £150 for drum and rattle making materials to be paid upon application. Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

If you wish to attend this course for personal healing, growth and learning only, then the coursework laid out above is not compulsory. however, you are encouraged to voluntarily submit the suggested home study work to deepen your understanding of the subject and increase the benefits you will derive from this course. Please notify us in advance of your preference.

The course is certified by the College of Sound Healing, and is approved by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) and TSA (Therapeutic Sound Association).Tutors Ally Gerrish, Aoife Brown and Sandie Alderman deliver the Modules in an ‘in-person’ group environment.